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miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011

There is a change for everyone. Season by season

Imi amintesc ca pe la vreo 7, 8 ani cand deja stiam sa citesc, am gasit carnetelul mamei cu insemnari, din tinerete.Cred ca era o moda pe atunci pentru ca si tata are unul la fel:)).E o chestie similara oracolului folosit de noi toate in gimnaziu:)).Tin minte ca l-am rasfoit curioasa si mi-a ramas in minte o poezie, al carui autor nu il mai stiu exact, care rezuma foarte simplu de ce imi place atat de mult zona in care am fost in weekend, respectiv Bucovina.Bine, asta pe langa faptul ca aici m-am nascut:)).O sa va scriu doar o strofa, din cate mi-o amintesc, cea de inceput si voi lasa pozele sa vorbeasca in locul meu:

I remeber that when i was 8 years old, i 've found my mother's notebook from the times she was very young. I think it was very fancy then, because my dad has one also :)). It resembles with that diary that all of us used when we were in gymnasium:)). I remember that when i've read it, a poem draw my attention. I can't remember who wrote it, but it resumes very simple why i love Bucovina so much. It's the place where i've been during the weekend. Of course, not only because here is the place where i was born :)). I am going to write you only the first verse from it, as far as i remember it and i am going to leave all the pictures to speak for me. I am not sure if the translation in English sounds as good as the original:

"De te-o intreba vreodata, copile, cineva
In care loc ti-a inflorit in ochi lumina
Sa-i spui, lipindu-ti buzele de-o stea
Eu m-am nascut in Bucovina.
Acolo unde obiceiurile canta
In alb, in negru si in galben
Unde Moldova curge sfanta
Si-un cantec sunetul nu-si curma"

Child of mine,
If someone ever askes you
In wich place your eyes have bloomed in light
You tell him, by binding your lips to a star
I was born in Bucovina.
The place where traditions sing
In white, black or yellow
Where the Moldova river saintly flows
And a song's sound it's never brought to an end"

Cam astea sunt lucrurile pe care eu le-as lua in bagajul meu cand plec la munte, nu plec ski, doar pentru o scurta plimbare de weekend.

And of course, some favourite items i would wear when i'm on a mountain trip, not for skiing, but for a short weekend getaway.

Wherever i am, i will be a fashion girl ;))

Something knited to keep me warm

Something practical to remind me of cool summer days ;))

I'm in love with angels, so we can never be apart 

 Something to keep my lips safe from cold

 Of course, my keys also have to be fluffy :))

My music also needs a warm feeling

A cool hand warmer

AAAAAAAAAAAnd of course, the new holiday collection from UGG

Don't forget to wear your heart on the outside!


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Hellooo there,
I found ur blog and I have to say 'wow', it is so great!

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Oh, Thank you :">. I', trying to do my best:">. Your blog is great so be welcomed in my followers lust:). I will follow yours for sure!

Roxana spunea...

Love it!

Pinkat spunea...

:* Multzu, Roxana!

eat the rich spunea...

the lether jacket is soooo cool! you have a cute blog :) with nice photos! XX

Pinkat spunea...

@ eat the rich: yeah i knowww:x. i like it too. Thank you :* for your consideration:). I've just seen your blog:d very good job:P

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