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joi, 3 noiembrie 2011

Life isn't complicated.People are

Today's weather makes us dream about a perfect life with:

a healthy breakfast in the morning....

a "to die for" place to work 

a big loving family

unexpected surprises

friends that never betray 

people that don't judge your life style

never endig holidays
vintage all over

and of coouuursee


Kisses from 
Us, the pinks

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Vale ♥ spunea...

Lovely post =) I like the same things...and that pic of the birds all together is so cute ! Lovely blog, follow each other ? xoxox

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Pinkat spunea...

Hey! Thank you! :)and please be welcome in my lovely followers group :P. Congrats for your blog to!

fashiongamble spunea...

enjoy looking at these picutres

Pinkat spunea...

Hey! We're glad to hear that. Many posts will come, so follow us. We will follow you for sure!:*

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