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luni, 21 noiembrie 2011

I get mad only when i want it, not when others want

And then...i feel like i wanna cast away on a deserted island or climb on the highest moutain without anyone around me ( or maybe my soulmate only :))) and to be ok after. But this has to be also in a stylish way, isnt'it?;))

Si atunci..imi vine sa imi iau lumea in cap si sa naufragiez pe o insula pustie sau sa ma urc in cel mai inalt varf de munte fara sa ma stie nimeni (ei bine poate doar sufletul meu pereche ;)) )si sa imi revin:)). Numa' ca si naufragiatu asta tre' sa fie tot cu stil:)), nu-i asa?

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Raya spunea...

inspiring photos!

Pinkat spunea...

Hey, Raya :*. Thank you for your comment:d. I also loved these pictures when i saw them. This is the way we should spend our lifetime:D

Alina spunea...

Great post!Great pictures!

Pinkat spunea...

:* Multzu, Alina! Ia sa vad eu ce ai mai postat si tu :)).

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