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miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2011

Imperfection is beauty

Hello, again! As i've promissed yesterday, in this post i'll show you some pictures with party outfits. At first, i didnt' know what to choose between jeans and shorts:D. The winners were shorts of course, because i soooo miss summer and i don't want to give it up. I'll show you both combinations.

The first one with jeans:
( I also wanted to wear a big square green ring, a vintage one, but somehow i couldn't find it. i can't rememeber where i've lost it :( so i used those bracelets. I'm not sure if this was a good choice ;)).)

The second, with high waist leather shorts, but with different accessories:

( i reaaaallyy hate the fact that my pictures are not always uploaded as i want. You can wear this outfit with black tights if you want. I have a crush on black this week :)))

Jeans: Polo jeans
Asimetric silk shirt: Vintage 
Bracelet: Bershka
Shoes: Mango again
High wais leather shorts: Vintage
Blue satin clutch: No name
Small chain clutch: Mango

A! We've decided to change the design a little bit, so stay tuned for our next posts:d!

Kisses from 
Us..the pinks!

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kirstyb spunea...

love the jeans

Pinkat spunea...

Hey..Thanks :*

Alina spunea...

Love the second outfit,especially the leather shorts!

Pinkat spunea...

Thank you, Alina :*! We also loooove those shorts.They are very comfortable.

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