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marți, 15 noiembrie 2011

Brown is the new black

Buna, din nou my dears ;))! Am promis ieri ca voi pune ceva legat de excursia de la munte din weekend. Cu scuzele de rigoare, voi mai intarzia o zi din cauza unor probleme tehnice:D. Pana una alta, mai jos este o tinuta pe care am purtat-o saptamana trecuta. Sper sa va placa. Si nu, nu am uitat ca de saptamana viitoare blog-ul meu va arata altfel :D. Sper ca nici voi ;)).

Hello, again! I know i've promised to show you something about my mountain trip. I am sorry, but i will have to delay that post with one more day :D due to some technical problems:D. Instead i will show you an outfit that i've worn las week. I hope you like it. And no, i didn't forget that the next week my blog is going to be different. I hope you didn't too ;)).

Shorts: H&M
Hat: vintage ( from my mom's youth :)) )
Sweater: No name
Brown tights: No name ( they have some square pattern)
Shoes: Zara

I've also worn it with my fake fur vest from Promod, but i will show it to you in another outfit. I didn't got the chance to take another picture because my camera's battery was "dying" :)).

P.S: Astazi este prima zi din postul Craciunului. Fie ca sunteti adeptii sai, fie ca nu, eu va urez tuturor ca perioada ce urmeaza sa va gaseasca cu bucurie in suflet, inocenti, cu ochii neumbriti de frica si cu dragoste fata de oameni. Si as putea adauga: tu cand ti-ai facut ultima oara curat pentru Craciun si in suflet, nu doar in casa?

P.S: Today we begin our religious arrangements for Christmas. Whether if you like it or not, i wish for all of you, to be happy, ingenuous, without any fear in your eyes, with love for people that surround you. And i would add: when did you last time clean-up your soul, not just your house for Christmas?


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