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duminică, 30 octombrie 2011

We will always have the sunrise

Buuuna, din nou!:). Azi am fost binecuvantati cu un soare minunat de toamna si parca a fost putin mai cald decat in restul zilelor, iuhuu! Ne-am permis astfel un outfit mai lejer, in locul  hainele groase de iarna pe care a trebuit sa le purtam saptamana trecuta ;)). Iata ce am purtat, la o plimbare prin oras pe care am savurat-o din plin :d.

Hello, again!:). Today the sun has given us its lovely light so the weather was a warmer than the other days.  We were able to wear something free and easy, instead of the usual clothes. Take a look on our outfit from today, during a..."walk to remember":d in the park!

Scarf: Traditional romanian scarf from Bucovina
T-shirt: No name
Asymmetrical cardigan: H&M (shorter on back, longer on front)
Shorts: H&M
Tights: No name
Bracelet: No name
Two finger rings: H&M

Hope you like it!

Kisses from
Us..the pinks!

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Jen Umm spunea...

lovve the rings, looks hardcore!


Pinkat spunea...

Thaaank you :*. Your blog is nice. We will follow for
sure :*

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