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joi, 5 ianuarie 2012

We are young. We have from...where to die

Heyyyyy. Long time no see:D. Si imi pare rau, pentru ca sarbatorile m-au prins cu multe activitati si nu am apucat sa mai scriu. Asta nu inseamna insa ca nu am pregatit subiecte intersante de dezbatut;)). Promit sa recuperez din plin anul asta;)). Pana una alta, as vrea sa va urez voua, oamenilor frumosi care imi urmariti blog-ul, ca in anul ce a inceput sa nu uitati de familie si prieteni si in primul rand de voi; sa nu uitati de unde veniti atunci cand drumul va poarta spre noi si noi aventuri; sa nu uitati ca in afara de persoanele la care tinem, nu avem de fapt nimic important pe lumea asta; sa nu va pierdeti valorile, credinta si...dragostea fata de frumos. Iar voua, dragalaselor pasionate de moda, va urez ca anul asta sa aveti tinute frumoase si interesante, sa aveti parte de noi experiente in moda si sa "cresteti" pe partea asta de la o zi la alta ;)).Siii sa nu uitati ca...prea mult "praf de stele" nu e niciodata suficient:))).

P.S: Impachetati-va cu grija dorintele. In sticle mici cat pumnul, pentru ca Ura, Uratenia, Indiferenta si Egoismul sa nu le poata atinge! 

Heyyyyy! Long time no see:D. I am sorry because in my winter holydays i've been very busy. Buut..this doesn't mean I haven’t prepared for you some interesting subjects to chat about. Anyway, in this post I wanted to wish you, my beautiful people reading this blog, that in this new year, to...never forget about your family and friends, and most important, never forget about you; to never forget the place you come from whenever the road leads you to new adventures; to never forget that except our beloved ones, we don’t have anything much more important in this world; to never forget your belief, strenghts and..the love for beautiful things. And, for my prettily girls in love with fashion, I wish you to have beautiful and interesting outfits this year, new experiences in what concerns fashion style and to progress in this area every single day. AAAAnd don’t forget that too much "stardust" is never enough :)).

P.S: Wrap your wishes with care. In small bottles like the size of your fist so they can't be touched by Hate, Ugliness, Apathy and Egoism!


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